From tooth paste to the roof over our heads. Virtually every product, service, and even utility relies directly or indirectly on the use of outdoor storage facilities to deliver its goods, support its infrastructure or store its products. Every household consumable, including our food supply, is transported via semi-tractor trailer to the local merchant’s store shelves. The trucks that transport the huge volume of freight we consume require loading facilities, parking lots, and repair garages to play their vital role in our economy. Roofing materials, masonry products, lumber and many other materials used to construct homes, schools and Hospitals are all sourced from suppliers and assembled by contractors that need to store material and equipment outdoors. Gas and electric utility providers along with cabal providers and phone companies are also major users of facilities that require outdoor storageto store and maintain service equipment, materials, and vehicles.

Industrial Outdoor Ventures has a tremendous passion for building and redeveloping best-in-class Industrial Service Facilities. All our properties are professionally managed and designed to serve our users and the communities that host them over the long term. In a property type that relies on storing equipment and materials outdoors, IOV strives to work closely with the community, our tenants and adjacent property owners to ensure all our properties are clean, well maintained and safe. We routinely seek out functionally obsolete or neglected facilities in strategic locations and make significant investments to restore the properties function and aesthetics, allowing it to become a productive asset again.

The jobs created by users of Industrial Service Facilities are among the highest paying industrial jobs in today’s economy. The vast majority of these jobs are full-time positions with full benefits that far exceed the living wage. Industrial Service Facilities are economic super engines that facilitate commerce and drive provide excellent employment opportunities. Typical jobs include: Truck drivers, mechanics of every description, engineers, construction trades people, freight handlers, laborers, clerical and office staff, sales, and management personal.