In November 2017 IOV acquired one of the largest operating truck parking businesses in the United States and launched its managed parking and outdoor storage solution, Park My Truck. The property is located at 1353 Jarvis Road in Saginaw, TX and consists of 44 improved acres with capacity to host  over 1700 semi trucks and trailers. In the months following the acquisition, IOV has made many physical upgrades to the facility, added Depot Systems asset tracking technology, and launched the Park My Truck brand.


Park My Truck facility features:

·       24/7 Staffed Security Team and On-Site Management

·       State-of-the-Art Electronic Surveillance

·       Fully Fenced Perimeter

·       Site Lighting

·       Concrete/Stone Parking Surface

·       Depot Systems Asset Tracking

·       Immediate Access to:

  • Alliance BNSF Rail Port

  • Alliance Airport

  • Interstate System

  • Fuel, Hotels, Food

·       Primary Customer Mix: Trucks/Trailers, Ocean Containers/Chassis

IOV is seeking opportunistic investments and alliances to expand the Park My Truck platform and is open to other managed outdoor storage concepts across all commodity types.